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The following articles appear in the current issue of Green Left Weekly

Thousands rally against the threat of war

UNITED STATES threats to launch a war in the Middle East in retaliation for
the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington have prompted an outpouring
of anti-war sentiments across the country, with peace vigils and protests
taking place and anti-war coalitions formed.

A hastily called vigil for peace attracted over 2000 to the City Square in
central Melbourne on September 16, far outstripping organisers'
expectations, Graham Matthews reports.

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Anti-racist peace march, counter-conference planned

BRISBANE - Spurred on by the threat of US military strikes, the CHOGM Action
Network (CAN) has decided to add the slogans "No to war!" and "No to
 racism!" to the October 6 march on the Commonwealth Heads of Government

In the same spirit, a September 21 indigenous community meeting resolved to
continue plans for a tent embassy at Musgrave Park demanding a treaty
between Aboriginal people and the Australian government.

These decisions follow attempts by the Brisbane Courier Mail to link
protests outside CHOGM with the September 11 attacks in New York and
Washington. Federal parliamentarian Peter Slipper has called on all protests
outside CHOGM to be banned.

CAN has decided that even if CHOGM is cancelled because war has broken out
the protest will go ahead to demand peace and global justice, and will link
up with the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

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Special Branch fails to intimidate activists

PERTH - Anti-racists and refugee rights advocates have rebuffed police
threats and special branch investigations following a counter-demonstration
they staged against a September 16 rally by a group called Citizens Against
Illegal Immigration.

The counter-protest, organised by the Refugee Rights Action Network and the
Socialist Alliance, attracted 60 people, who chanted "refugees are welcome,
racists are not" at the 100-strong anti-immigration rally, which drew 100

Four days after the confrontation, three of the counter-rally's organisers,
Roberto Jorquera, Peter Wilkie and Wade MacDonald, were visited by officers
of the WA Police's Special Branch.

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