Fw (GLW): Dita Sari to attend Sydney conference

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Sun Sep 23 07:24:58 MDT 2001

The following article appears in the current issue of Green Left Weekly

Dita Sari to attend Sydney conference

Former political prisoner and militant union leader Dita Sari will head the
People's Democratic Party of Indonesia's delegation to the second
Asia-Pacific International Solidarity Conference, the party has announced.

Sari, the chairperson of the Indonesian National Front for Workers'
Struggles, was recently awarded the Raymond Magsaysay Award, considered an
Asian Nobel Prize, for being a "leader of new forces in Asia". Other PRD
delegates to the Easter 2002 conference will be announced over coming

The Turkish Freedom and Solidarity Party (ODP), the Worker Communist Party
of Iraq and the Free Burma Committee have also recently confirmed their

Satya Sivaraman, the radical Indian TV documentary maker based in Thailand,
and Luis Balbao, from the Union de Militantes por el Socialismo in
Argentina, have both recently announced their attendance.

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