San Diego anti-war protest

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sun Sep 23 17:30:41 MDT 2001

>> I'd be very interested in hearing  from others in the list about the
response to the WTC attacks on Spanish and other non-English language radio
and TV.<<

I think that Univision and CNN en Español have been doing a relaitively -and
I stress the word relatively- better job than the English language media.
MOST of the TV coverage I've seen of antiwar protests, statements and
dissidence has been in Spanish language TV news. They've covered very
prominently racist attacks, the Falwell diatribe, etc. A tiny bit makes it
into English language national TV news but not much. I'm not sure about
Telemundo, I have not watched it much.

The jingoistic ruling class propaganda offensive has found relatively little
echo in the Hispanic communities. To the extent people are flying flags and
so on I suspect it is out of fear of being misidentified as arabic


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