IRSP: Irish assistance in war effort deplorable

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Mon Sep 24 00:05:42 MDT 2001

Irish Republican Socialist Party
Press Release
22 September 2001

Irish assistance in war effort deplorable

The Irish Republican Socialist Party has today condemned the 26
County administration for its part in assisting US imperialism's war

An IRSP spokesperson earlier today stated: "The 26 county
administration must be condemned for its role in assisting
imperialism's war effort with use of Irish air space.

"Once again the mask has fallen showing the world that an allegedly
'neutral state' is far from being what it likes to paint itself as to
the international community.  In allowing US military forces to
refuel at Shannon airport, as it openly did during the Gulf War, it
is once again willing partners in a war that has yet to define its

The IRSP spokesperson concluded "It is without question that this
continued military build up will inevitably, like previous wars, lead
to the slaughter of thousands of innocent casualties, the majority
of whom will undoubtedly be members of our class."


General Secretary
Irish Republican Socialist Party
P.O. Box 1981, Derry, BT48 8GX, Ireland.

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