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Mon Sep 24 00:08:44 MDT 2001

A new anti-war and anti-racism coalition was formed in Vancouver, BC over
the course of the past 12 days, and we have managed to produce an 8-page
tabloid newspaper, hold an afternoon forum on sept. 15th (with some 250
participants), a full-day teach-in on sept. 22nd (with some 200
participants), have had two organizing meetings with in excess of 100
folks at each, have participated in building a "peace vigil" earlier today
which attracted approx. 3000 people, are building a march & rally against
the war effort and the racist attacks on immigrants & refugees this
Saturday Sept. 29th, etc.

Please see the website info below for the Mobilization Against War &
Racism (Vancouver) and the tabloid newspaper (Alarm!) -- we can send
copies of Alarm! out to folks who are interested, but could use some $
towards postage/couriering costs if possible.

In Solidarity,

Tony Tracy
Vancouver, BC

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We have just published 16,000 copies of an 8-page tabloid: ALARM! Against
War and Racism. It's out around Vancouver, with 5,000 going to Toronto and
elsewhere. They are available for pickup at 706 Clark Drive. If you live
outside of Vancouver and would like some Greyhound couriered please email
reply.  The online version: is almost completed,
with the rest of the articles being posted to the site today.

The USA is planning to bomb depeleted uranium on 5 million starving Afghani
people. Vengeance will not bring justice for the victims of the deplorable
September 11 attacks.


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