Jingo Spam

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at virgin.net
Mon Sep 24 06:18:45 MDT 2001

I just received this bit of nasty jingoism as a spam e-mail. I like the idea
that a 'portion' of the proceeds will go to firefighters' families; a very
small portion I imagine. Patriotic profiteering, I'd call it.

Paul F

< Join Us In Helping Our Friends In New York!

< We have American Flags for your Car, Operation Noble Eagle Shirts, Nuke
Afghanistan bumper stickers, American Flag lapel pins and more. Show the
world your Proud to be an American and proudly display our flag wherever you

< Get Your American Flag Today!

< We will donate a portion of all proceeds to help the families of the 300
firefighters that lost their lives trying to save others at the
World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 >

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