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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon Sep 24 15:02:59 MDT 2001

Interesting, Lou.  Here in Oz things are getting quite sinister.  the "C"
word was mentioned for the first time this morning.  Conscription is now
being talked about after a period of nearly 30 years.  Conscription was
introduced by the right wing Menzies govt in the late 50s/early 60s to
counter the "threat" from Indonesia.  This was the height of the Cold War
and he got away with it.  However the real impact of conscription was to
come in the Vietnam War.

Now having been abolished by the reforming Labor Govt of Gough Whitlam
(1972) the conscription kite has been flown again. Oh so predictably it was
a Labor member of the joint defence committee who was chosen to broach the
necessity of conscription because army numbers are not sufficient to get
the job done.

Almost certainly this would have been cleared in advance with the Labor
opposition leader Kim Beazley.  The latter is on the far right in terms of
defence matters.   His father was a Moral Re-armament Cold War warrior and
his son dearly loves to talk of military matters.

So what now?  The evil bastards are getting us into a period of extended
militarisation. they have always said a week is a long time in politics,
but this is getting ridiculous! We must begin the process of fighting
back.  I will try and organise a teach-in on our campus.  It will be
interesting to see how we go.



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