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(this website is always worth reading though it is a little doctrinaire and
formulaic. Anyone know anything more about the Unocal-ISI-Taliban
connnection? This is the first I've heard of it.--sam)

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Thursday, September 20th, 2001

- Bracing for a new Afghan war - Report from Pakistan

"The dark clouds of war and destruction loom large over Afghanistan and
Pakistan. As time clicks away the atmosphere of speculation, uncertainty,
confusion and deep fear grips these impoverished societies. The threat of
Imperialist aggression in the aftermath of the attacks in New York and
Washington is dangling like a sword over the heads of the people." Lal Khan
(, editor of the Marxist paper
Jeddo Judh (Class Struggle) in Pakistan, explains the background to the
coming to power of the Taliban, their relationship with the Western oil
companies, who is Osama Bin laden and finally reports on the mood in
Pakistan and the effects a war could have on the Musharraf regime.

- Free Satish Kumar International Day of Action

More reports have arrived of the International Day of action from Austria,
Sweden and France.

New in Turkish:

- ABD¹De Intihar Saldirisi ­ Terörizm Gericiligin Hizmetinde

This is the Turkish language translation of Alan Woods' and Ted Grant's
article, 'US Suicide Bombing - Terrorism Aids Reaction'

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