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Mon Sep 24 17:01:11 MDT 2001


This is the warning I've been sending to our comrades. Another one
that Marxmail should be warned about as well.

Gary Wilson

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From: "Gary Wilson" <gary at>
Subject: A new virus (masquerades as a vote for peace)

A new virus is spreading by email that masquerades as a chance to
vote for peace, not war.

Please do not fall for this virus and attempt to vote for peace.

Here's a description of the virus:

"Vote" arrives in an in-box with the subject line "Peace between
America and Islam." The body text of the e-mail reads "Hi. Is it a
war against America or Islam? Let's vote to live in peace." Included
in the e-mail is an attached document called WTC.exe. When the
attachment is double-clicked, the computer is infected.

Here's a link to a report on the virus:

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 09/24/2001

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