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> At 24/09/2001 14:09, Tom Walker wrote:
> >I don't really mind when Doug riffs a cheap shot about gloating off one
> >my posts. I don't really mind when Doug doesn't respond to my
> >reply to his cheep shot. But when, after ignoring my reply, he fires off
> >cheap shot about catechism under the "not good" subject heading, it
hurts my
> >feelings.
> I think that particular cheap shot was directed at me. Doug, a one time
> self-professed marxist, now spends his time wondering aloud how leftwing
> economists can help capitalism get over its latest downturn.

Considering Doug is a social democract, why does he not *once* prepare a
*long* article and post it on pen-l, explaining where he exactly stands?
are cheap shot comments more time saving than an article?

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