(fwd from Y. Furuhashi) S29 Rally against War & Racism in Columbus, OH, USA

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Rally & March against the WAR

Rally on Saturday, September 29, from 1:00 p.m. at 15th Ave. and High
St. in Columbus, OH
March at 2:00 p.m. to Oppose Racist Attacks in the Community.

An ad-hoc coalition to oppose racism, war, and the loss of civil
rights and liberties has been formed in Columbus united around these
three points:

1) End all Discrimination against Muslims, Arab Americans, Sikhs, and
other international residents by both the state and people.  We
oppose scapegoating and racist attacks on all people.

2) Defend Civil Rights and Liberties.  We will not sacrifice our
right to speak, travel, dissent, associate, organize, and protest in
the face of any attacks.

3) Oppose any military retaliation.  We seek to end the cycle of
violence that makes targets of all the world's people.

For more information contact: 614-252-9255 or justice_in_palestine at hotmail.com

Sponsored by: Committee for Justice in Palestine, Columbus Campaign
for Arms Control, Columbus Anti-Racist Action, Student International
Forum, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

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