[PEN-L:17654] Britain/US split?

Mark Jones mark.jones at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Sep 25 14:23:45 MDT 2001

At 25/09/2001 14:13, Néstor  wrote:
>En relación a Re: [PEN-L:17654] Britain/US split?,
>el 25 Sep 01, a las 12:39, Mark Jones dijo:
> > The Atlantic Alliance is the keystone in the
> > structure of US hegemony. If that falls, the US will be reduced at once
> > to the status of a regional power.
>You mean, they will retreat on Latin America?

Speculation is completely pointless, the future is completely 
unpredictable. However it is clear that America cannot voluntarily cease to 
a world hegemon, if only because it has exhausted the raw material and 
energy resources of the Americas. The truth is the the Bush regime now has 
a great interest in social amnesia. They are fast learning that the best 
way to deal with terrorism is to (a) make people forget their present anger 
and (b) make a deal with the terrorists. Behind the posturing and 
flag-waving and the carrier groups steaming south, that is the awful reality.

If British experience is any guide to what happens after terrorist attacks, 
then not only will Bush's 'war on terrorism' vanish like morning mist in a 
month or two, but 20 years from now Bin Laden will be received in the White 
House as a distinguished guest. Oh, and some innocent people will be 
persecuted and , for PR purposes.

One of the reasons why the whole atmosphere of the British press is so 
different from the US press is because the british have been here before 
and the know the score. We've been there, done that. Bombs have killed and 
maimed people in London, Birmingham, Belfast and many other cities, since 
1970. We've known the anger, the shock, the horror, the ranting op-eds, the 
grief-stricken candlelit midnight vigils, the caring crooners singing 
patriotic songs on telethons. It all means almost nothing, in the end.

When the IRA blew up the Baltic Exchange, British finance capital said 
'enough is enough' and not a decade later,lo and behold, former IRA Chief 
of Staff Martin McGuinness is now Northern Ireland's education minister and 
is received by both Downing Street and the White House. Why should the 
Taleban (if it is they!) hope for less than the Irish patriots earnt from 
their deeds? That would be racist, no?

The biggest losers from 9/11 will be Israel, because the NYSE (like the 
City) does not want to swap its assets for the miserable buildings Israel 
bombs in Palestine.

The bottom line is that the people who have most to lost from this war are 
not the Taleban, but the bankers and brokers, and per contra the people who 
have most to gain are the pauperised masses of the Middle East. Make no 
mistake, as they say, the Bushies can froth and thunder as much as they 
like about revenge, rooting out evil blah blah, but what they really hope 
for is that nothing much more will happen at all.  Bulldozers will flatten 
the debris in manhattan and turn it into a Garden of Remembrance, even 
Chris Hitchens will sober up in time, and life will go on. What the markets 
and the Big Swinging Dicks definitely do NOT want is more war. So they took 
a hit? Tough luck. Forget about it, as they say in gangster movies. The Big 
Dicks will have to swallow their losses, bile and all. That is even what 
they prefer to do, and pass on to next business. Included in next business 
will be making Israel do a real deal with Arafat.

Terrorism pays, more than people understand and more than the panjandrums 
want them to understand. What the bosses want is business as usual, and all 
wars must be over by Christmas. Wars breed socialism, and worse.

Will they get what they want? That is the question. Make no mistake, the 
strategic initiative is still with the silent enemy.


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