[PEN-L:17654] Britain/US split?

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Mark Jones wrote:

> At 25/09/2001 14:13, Néstor  wrote:
> >En relación a Re: [PEN-L:17654] Britain/US split?,
> >el 25 Sep 01, a las 12:39, Mark Jones dijo:
> >
> > > The Atlantic Alliance is the keystone in the
> > > structure of US hegemony. If that falls, the US will be reduced at once
> > > to the status of a regional power.
> >
> >You mean, they will retreat on Latin America?
> Speculation is completely pointless, the future is completely
> unpredictable. However it is clear that America cannot voluntarily cease to
> a world hegemon, if only because it has exhausted the raw material and
> energy resources of the Americas. The truth is the the Bush regime now has
> a great interest in social amnesia. They are fast learning that the best
> way to deal with terrorism is to (a) make people forget their present anger
> and (b) make a deal with the terrorists. Behind the posturing and
> flag-waving and the carrier groups steaming south, that is the awful reality.
> If British experience is any guide to what happens after terrorist attacks,
> then not only will Bush's 'war on terrorism' vanish like morning mist in a
> month or two, but 20 years from now Bin Laden will be received in the White
> House as a distinguished guest. Oh, and some innocent people will be
> persecuted and , for PR purposes.
> One of the reasons why the whole atmosphere of the British press is so
> different from the US press is because the british have been here before
> and the know the score. We've been there, done that. Bombs have killed and
> maimed people in London, Birmingham, Belfast and many other cities, since
> 1970. We've known the anger, the shock, the horror, the ranting op-eds, the
> grief-stricken candlelit midnight vigils, the caring crooners singing
> patriotic songs on telethons. It all means almost nothing, in the end.
> When the IRA blew up the Baltic Exchange, British finance capital said
> 'enough is enough' and not a decade later,lo and behold, former IRA Chief
> of Staff Martin McGuinness is now Northern Ireland's education minister and
> is received by both Downing Street and the White House. Why should the
> Taleban (if it is they!) hope for less than the Irish patriots earnt from
> their deeds? That would be racist, no?
> The biggest losers from 9/11 will be Israel, because the NYSE (like the
> City) does not want to swap its assets for the miserable buildings Israel
> bombs in Palestine.
> The bottom line is that the people who have most to lost from this war are
> not the Taleban, but the bankers and brokers, and per contra the people who
> have most to gain are the pauperised masses of the Middle East. Make no
> mistake, as they say, the Bushies can froth and thunder as much as they
> like about revenge, rooting out evil blah blah, but what they really hope
> for is that nothing much more will happen at all.  Bulldozers will flatten
> the debris in manhattan and turn it into a Garden of Remembrance, even
> Chris Hitchens will sober up in time, and life will go on. What the markets
> and the Big Swinging Dicks definitely do NOT want is more war. So they took
> a hit? Tough luck. Forget about it, as they say in gangster movies. The Big
> Dicks will have to swallow their losses, bile and all. That is even what
> they prefer to do, and pass on to next business. Included in next business
> will be making Israel do a real deal with Arafat.
> Terrorism pays, more than people understand and more than the panjandrums
> want them to understand. What the bosses want is business as usual, and all
> wars must be over by Christmas. Wars breed socialism, and worse.
> Will they get what they want? That is the question. Make no mistake, the
> strategic initiative is still with the silent enemy.
> Mark
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