NATO Buildup in the Balkans: a Deadly Game

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NATO Buildup in the Balkans: a Deadly Game
[posted 26 September 2001]

In a London 'Times' article, entitled 'U.S. to Build Buffer Zone in the
Balkans,' U.S. Ambassador to England William Farish expresses great concern
for the stability of the Balkans.

Take this with a generous dose of salt.

Ambassador Farish says the Balkans needs a NATO troop build-up to make it "a
potential buffer against terror threats from the east."

The problem is, the Balkans is itself rife with terrorism.

There are presently tens of thousands of NATO troops in the Balkans. Are they
working to stamp out this widespread terrorism?

If this were the case it would be a nice little picture: NATO (directed by
Washington) fights terror in the Balkans, in Afghanistan, everywhere. Nice;
just not true.

According to the 'Times,' one of the places where NATO would increase its
troop strength is Macedonia, a country which has been attacked by the world's
worst terrorists, the Kosovo Liberation Army or KLA.

The KLA, based in the neighboring Serbian province of Kosovo, works under
various names. In Macedonia it calls itself the NLA. In Kosovo it uses the
cover of the United Nations-sponsored Kosovo Protection Corps, or KPC. A UN
document, prepared for Secretary General Kofi Annan, accuses the KPC of
'murder, torture and extortion.' Aside from driving 350,000 Serbs, 'Gypsies,'
Jews, Turks and Slavic Muslims from Kosovo and making life hell for those who

"The KPC has been running protection rackets across Kosovo - in Pristina,
Suva Reka, Dragash, Istok and Prizren - demanding 'contributions' from
shopkeepers, businessmen and contractors. In Suva Reka, KPC members are
alleged to have forced petrol stations to accept coupons rather than money
for fuel.

"In Vucitrn, the KPC reportedly demanded protection money from members of an
ethnic minority, the Ashkali, originally from India. One family member had
previously been kidnapped and the family had been bombed.

"The KPC has a nice line in death threats, says the UN. Two members
threatened to kill K-For interpreters after being arrested by Nato troops in
Kosovo. Following the arrests, 20 KPC men mobbed the police station and
demanded their release. They were freed the next day.

"The KPC may be running prostitution rackets, says the UN." [And so on, and

(From the 'London Observer,' 12 March 2000. To read more, see 'How will you
plead at your trial, Mr. Annan,' at

The KLA (or KPC or NLA) appears to be just the kind of terrorist outfit that
has finally driven Washington to stand up and take action against Evil. Right?


"AMERICAN intelligence agents have admitted they helped to train the Kosovo
Liberation Army before Nato's bombing of Yugoslavia. The disclosure angered
some European diplomats, who said this had undermined moves for a political
solution to the conflict between Serbs and Albanians. Central Intelligence
Agency officers were cease-fire monitors in Kosovo in 1998 and 1999,
developing ties with the KLA and giving American military training manuals
and field advice on fighting the Yugoslav army and Serbian police." ('Sunday
Times,' 12 March 2000, for which see 'The Cat Is Out of the Bag' at )

Did the U.S./NATO stop sponsoring the KLA when NATO occupied Kosovo in the
summer of 1999? No, admits the BBC. As recently as the winter of 2001:

"Western special forces were still training the guerrillas, as a result of
decisions taken before the change of government in Yugoslavia " (From BBC, 29
January, 2001, See 'Diplomats Admit NATO Backs KLA Invasion of Inner Serbia'
at .)

The NATO command has worked closely with the KLA in the day to day running of
Kosovo. It is no exaggeration to say that without NATO, the KLA could not
have terrorized the non-Albanian population of Kosovo. (1)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
What's Wrong With Those
Darn Macedonian Hard-Liners?
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If NATO were sincere about fighting terror, one would expect terrorists in
the Balkans to oppose a NATO buildup. One would expect the local
anti-terrorists to support it. Isn't that correct?

Yet according to the 'Times:'

"Nato planners are hoping many of the troops involved can stay on until a
follow-up mission is agreed with the Macedonian government. [But] Hardline
members of the government in Skopje want Nato out of the country." ('Times,'
posted below)

Why do those Macedonian government "hard-liners" oppose NATO? Because NATO
has been trying to force them to surrender to the NLA (that is, KLA)
terrorists. More horrifying, NATO operatives have served as the terrorists'
military advisers - that is, as their officer corps:

"A delicate task was posed for the American peace keepers from Kosovo in
neighboring Macedonia. On the one hand 400 Albanian Guerillas with their
weapons and ammunition had to be transported out of Aracinovo, which is
situated six kilometers north of the capital, Skopje. The 113th UCK [Kosovo
Liberation Army's Albanian initials] brigade had entrenched itself there for
two weeks to defend itself against violent attacks. The second part of the
task was more explosive. Among the retreating rebels there were also 17 "
instructors" - former US officers, who tutored the rebel in military matters.
But this isn't all: Macedonian security circles maintain that 70 per cent of
the equipment that was carried away by the Guerillas were US made - among
them also the most modern type of third generation night-viewers. "
('Hamburger Abendblatt,' 28 June 2001, See 'GERMAN PAPER CHARGES: U.S. IS

Nothing like a delicate task.

In a recent trip to Macedonia, Canadian combat veteran and military writer
Scott Taylor met with the NLA terrorist leaders. These people boasted about
the support they get from the USA and they proudly displayed their
state-of-the-art U.S. weapons: (1a)

"In the well-built guerrilla bunkers overlooking the besieged city of Tetovo,
there is ample evidence of U.S. military hardware. Everything from sidearms
and sniper rifles to menacing-looking grenade launchers is emblazoned Made in
the USA.

"An abundant stock of sophisticated night-vision goggles provide the
guerrillas with a tremendous tactical advantage over the Macedonian security
forces. By nightfall, the Macedonians are compelled to hole up in their
bunkers while the guerrillas roam with impunity throughout the Tetovo

"Snake Arifaj, a 22-year-old guerrilla platoon commander, proudly displayed
his unit's impressive arsenal and said, 'Thanks to Uncle Sam, the Macedonians
are no match for us.'"

Among the terrorists attacking Macedonia are the same so-called 'Afghan
Arabs' whom the U.S. sponsored, starting in the 1980s, and whom virtually
every Russian believes the U.S. has backed in Chechnya. These are the forces
associated with Osama bin Laden. (2)

The plain truth is: the U.S. Establishment's policy in the Balkans has been
to create terrorist-gangster regimes and weaken the forces sympathetic to

The Balkans is a key area to control for any Power wishing to attack Russia.
That is not a speculative remark; it is an historical fact. According to the
'Times' article, Washington's troop buildup is aimed at "turning the Balkans
into a prominent theatre of operations and training." We are supposed to
believe this is being done to create "a potential buffer against terror
threats from the east."

"Prominent theater of operations" sounds like a staging zone for military
action to this writer. Why the urgent need to create a "prominent theater of
operations" at this time? Because of the danger of "terrorism from the east"
reports the 'Times.' And from where in the East might said terror come? Why,
maybe it could come from - Turkey, reports the 'Times.'

So let's get this straight. NATO, led by the U.S., is backing a huge buildup
in the Balkans to protect against a possible danger from Turkey, the main
U.S./ NATO ally in the Balkans. Meanwhile NATO, led by Washington, has
created a huge terrorist apparatus in the Balkans. And why? Why has NATO
supported the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo and a terrorist attack on Macedonia?

Why, obviously, so that the Balkans can be a bulwark against terrorists. Got
it, class? Study hard; there may be a quiz.

Let us depart from this absolute and complete doubletalk and consider what is
actually happening.

The transformation of the Balkans into a "prominent theater" must be
considered in the context of NATO's threatening behavior in the Baltic
region, including NATO troop maneuvers in Lithuania and Washington's
publicly-made threat (3) to instigate Contra-style terror against the former
Soviet Republic of Belarus. It must be considered in the context of the
massive deployment of US and British forces moving towards strategic

The Balkans, the Baltic region and Central Asia - the three strategic points
if one wishes to attack Russia. One gets the distinct impression that
Washington is slipping a noose around Russia's neck.(4) And all the stuff
about fighting terrorism, all Washington's newfound hatred of Islamism
(Washington's creation), all the Hollywood photo ops with Bush declaring
"We'll get him dead or alive" and all the heartfelt reassurances that "the
Islamic faith is not the enemy" and the mutual recriminations between Muslims
and Jews - all this is a public spectacle meant to divert the masses from the
real event, which is a massive military buildup whose only possible strategic
goal can be: Russia.

And why, you may ask, do the masses in the NATO countries need to be diverted
from the truth? Because the masses are not Nazis. The masses are not in favor
of dying for Imperial expansion, and the masses are most definitely not in
favor of risking nuclear war.

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Deadly Fascination
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Amidst the doubletalk about "promoting stability" and "buffers against
terror,' the London 'Times' offers readers a glimpse into U.S. Ambassador to
England Farish's inner man:

"A son of one of the five great oil families of Houston, Texas, Farish is
fascinated by the 'black gold' that lies in large quantities in the countries
around the Caspian Sea. He sees America's relationship with Russia and its
leader, Vladimir Putin, as vital to its future influence in the area."

Oil is only part of the fascinating treasure in the former Soviet Union. For
instance, Siberia is a treasure house of gold, natural gas, virgin forests
and more. Moreover, this vast wealth is only part of the reason Washington
wants to dominate the former Soviet Union. The rest of the reason is this:
only the former Soviet Republics have the military might to resist U.S.
domination. Washington wants to crush this potential power before the former
Soviet Republics have time to re-group and possibly re-establish some
semblance of a bi-polar world.

Washington is dead serious, and this is a very serious game

To read the The 'Times' article, go to

-- Jared Israel


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Further Reading
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(1) The KLA terrorists marched into Kosovo alongside NATO occupiers.
Emperor's Clothes has published eyewitness accounts of their collaboration.
(Feel free to re-post these and all other articles written for Emperor's
Clothes in any non-commercial venue. For commercial use, contact us. When
posting, please credit Emperor's Clothes. Thank you.)

See for example: 'Driven from Kosovo,' the account by the leader of the
Jewish community of how he and thousands of other residents were driven from
Pristina, capital of Kosovo. Can be read at

Also see "What NATO Occupation Would Mean For Macedonians' - eyewitness
accounts of the NATO/KLA takeover of the Kosovo town of Orahovac. Can be read

(1a) "Terrorist Thug Boasts: "Thanks to Uncle Sam, Macedonians are no match
for us!" Can be read at


(3) 'Tough Measures Needed in Belarus!' Can be read at

(4) 'Why Washington Wants Afghanistan' at

5) U.S.-backing for the terrorists attacking Macedonia is thorughly
documented from mainstream media sources. Some of that mainstream media
documentation can be found in Emperor's Clothes. See 'Washington and its
Partners are Waging a Proxy War in Macedonia' at

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