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Wed Sep 26 00:18:12 MDT 2001

The following appeared in all the factory bulletins distributed by Workers
Fight, the British organisation aligned with Lutte Ouvriere.  A rep from
Lutte Ouvriere says the piece reflects also the views of LO:


Once again tens of thousands of American troops are heading towards the
Middle East.  Once again Blair jumps to attention at Washingtonís call to
arms - this time for a ìprolonged campaign unlike any other beforeî.  They
claim that they will 'eradicate terrorism'.  But how will they do that?
	‚ By flattening Afghanistan to 'smoke out' bin Laden, as Bush
declared, or to topple the Taliban's regime as some are saying?  But who
will be the first victims, regardless of the actual result, if not tens of
thousands of innocent Afghans who have been unable to flee the country in
	‚ By bombing Iraq, since the CIA is now accusing Saddam Hussein of
abetting terrorism?  But US and British planes have been bombing Iraq for
11 years?  And with what result?  Saddam Hussein, the West's former ally,
is still in power.  But the Iraqi population has paid for the Westís bombs
and economic blockade with 1.5m dead.
	‚ By allowing Sharon's reactionary regime in Israel complete
freedom to silence the Palestinian population?  But how many thousands of
youth and ordinary Palestinians have already been killed and maimed for
throwing stones at the Israeli tanks which are reducing the so-called
ìPalestinian autonomous zonesî to prison camps?
	Whatever Bush, Blair and their allies do, it will involve a
terrible cost for the populations of the Middle East, causing more despair,
humiliation and hatred within their ranks and pushing more of their youth
towards terrorism.
	The West's state terrorism cannot justify the barbaric attacks
carried out in New York and Washington.  But can anything ever justify the
barbaric treatment metered out to the populations of the poor countries by
Western powers?
	Terrorism always backfires on the populations whose cause it is
pretending to defend.  Caught between Western-backed dictatorships and the
threat of Western warships, the populations of the poor countries see no
future but bare survival in abject poverty - thereby providing terrorism
with a permanent breeding ground.
	This is what brought the undeclared war that US governments have
waged in the Third World for decades into the USA.  No US president ever
warned the US population that this might ever happen.  In fact most
Americans were unaware of this war.  But in the end it struck.  It was a
terrible trauma and cost the lives of thousands of innocent workers.  But
western missiles in Baghdad or the West Bank are not less traumatic for the
populations who come under attack - even if their plight never gets such
media attention.  Those who died in the World Trade Centre fell victim not
just to terrorism, but also to the policy carried out thousands of miles
away by Western leaders.
	Today, no-one knows how far Bush and Blair will go in their show of
strength.  But we should realise that every missile they launch and every
bullet they fire, will increase the despair of the poor masses and provide
the likes of bin Laden with more volunteers.
	Whatever Bush and Blair may say, this is not a ìwar against
terrorism.î  It is yet another instance of state terrorism by the great
powers against the populations of the Middle East.  And from Burma to
Korea, from Vietnam to Somalia, Iraq and Serbia, the infamous terrorism of
the great powers has already caused infinitely more devastation than the
New York suicide attacks.
	As to their claim to be fighting for ìdemocracyî against the
medieval rule of the Talibans, this is a cynical farce.  Who armed the
Talibans in the first place, if not the CIA?  And what can be said of the
long list of dictators maintained in power by the West in the Middle East,
Africa and South America?  That they are ìdemocratic?
	Bush and Blair are not bringing their gun ships out to protect the
populations and their ìdemocratic rightsî - whether at home or in the
Middle East.  Their only objective is to protect the multinationalsí
ìrightî to plunder the world.  And they intend to do this by terrorising
the populations.
	So, yes - we should stand in solidarity with the American working
population and those who died on September 11th.  But we should also stand
in solidarity with the poor masses who are now facing the terror of Western
missiles.  In either case, this means opposing an intervention which only
aims at defending a system that accumulates wealth in the hands of a tiny
minority while generating poverty and despair among entire populations.

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