What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #465 September 26, 2001

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          Green Left Weekly, Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #465
                             September 26, 2001
                * The next GLW will appear on October 10


Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and
from an environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: OPPOSE WAR AND RACISM

George Bush has said that the United States will wage a
"crusade" against "terrorists". Green Left Weekly explains why
this war will pit the rich, privileged and mostly white people
of the First World against the mostly dark-skinned people of
the impoverished Third World.



 * UNITED STATES: Bush set to unleash war of the worlds
 * Racism, pure and simple
 * How the CIA created Osama bin Laden
 * UNITED STATES: Anti-war movement rising
 * PAKISTAN: Musharraf's dilemma
 * Seven reasons to protest at CBF/CHOGM


 * PALESTINE: Sharon imprisons entire population
 * WORLD ECONOMY: Airline crisis signals global recession
 * PACIFIC ISLANDS: New trade deals reflect old agendas
 * ZIMBABWE: Mugabe returns to the fold
 * PHILIPPINES: Revolutionary groups merge
 * SOUTH AFRICA: WCAR no challenge to racism
 * BELARUS: A post-Soviet `Jurassic Park'?
 * BRITAIN: Unions call for scrapping detention centres


 * More protection needed for workers' entitlements
 * Archbishop Ndungane on debt: A sin against humanity
 * Be as radical as reality
 * `Together we can beat this war'
 * No longer a spectator
 * Sam Watson: a life-long fighter against racism


 * Dita Sari to attend Sydney conference
 * Tampa refugees: `The Australian government was cruel'
 * Anti-racist peace march, counter-conference planned
 * Anti-war, pro-union protests at CBF
 * Coalition, Labor, Democrats MPs vote for war
 * `Terrorism has no nationality'
 * NO WAR formed in Sydney
 * Thousands rally against the threat of war
 * Students organise against war
 * Attack at Woomera
 * Special Branch fails to intimidate activists
 * Ansett workers refuse to go quietly


 * A reminder of who invented terror bombing
 * H. Bruce Franklin: from loyal liberal to radical dissident
 * CHOGM Beats


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