Pakistan warns against Northern Alliance

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Wed Sep 26 06:43:00 MDT 2001

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Sept. 25 -- Pakistan warned the United States today
against forging an alliance with rebels fighting the Taliban movement in
northern Afghanistan, signaling the first public rift between Washington
and Islamabad as plans move ahead for a possible attack on Afghanistan.

In a statement clearly intended to warn the Bush administration not to
adopt an Afghan strategy based on toppling the Taliban and replacing it
with a rebel coalition known as the Northern Alliance, Pakistani Foreign
Minister Abdus Sattar told reporters: "We must not make the blunder of
trying to foist a government on the people of Afghanistan.

"We fear that any such decision on the part of foreign powers to give
assistance to one side or the other in Afghanistan is a recipe for great
disaster for the people of Afghanistan," Sattar added.

The warning threw into high relief the obstacles facing the United States
as it attempts to build support here for military action in Afghanistan, a
country long splintered by ethnic divisions and meddlesome neighbors.

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