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NY Times, September 20, 2001

Religious Leader Takes His Calling to Ground Zero

Amid faces gray with grief and grime, theirs are fresh, even smiling. Among
blackened uniforms and sooty equipment, their yellow T-shirts are bright
buoys. They are clean.

At any time, well over 100 volunteer ministers from the Church of
Scientology mill around the remains of the World Trade Center. On the day
of the attack, they took in food to workers. Since then, they have taken
the mind-altering techniques developed by the church's founder, L. Ron

When rescue workers stagger from the wreckage, the ministers, identified by
their T-shirts, try to focus the workers' minds and revive their bodies. In
"locationals," workers are told to look at the sky, or at water bottles on
a table — anything to ground them in the present, the outside world, rather
than the horror within the rubble.

"They bring people back, so to speak, so they are in control of their mind
and environment," said the Rev. John Carmichael, the president of the
Church of Scientology of New York. "You want to help get rid of the fatigue
and the fuzziness." 

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