The West's Bogus 'Civilising' Mission

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Wed Sep 26 13:53:11 MDT 2001

Mark J wrote: < If British experience is any guide to what happens after
terrorist attacks, then not only will Bush's 'war on terrorism' vanish like
morning mist in a month or two, but 20 years from now Bin Laden will be
received in the White House as a distinguished guest. >

I think this is spot-on. We all know that the Afghani fundamentalists were
effectively a creation of the big Western powers -- British government press
publicity packs in the mid-1980s were full of tales about the 'brave
Mujahuddeen resistance fighters' (I remember seeing them at work) -- but it
is essential to point out how these characters were used against a
modernising regime; that the Western powers were mobilising fundamentalist
cut-throats to destroy a regime that was, for example, encouraging women to
be educated and to enter the world of work. This shows the falseness of the
West's current 'crusade for civilisation'. Moreover, it serves notice that
should opposition to imperialism in future be of a modernising nature, the
big powers would not hestitate to use barbaric political movements against

Paul F

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