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This is a sampling of  many new additions and expansions at our now very
large Website   Our Site, BTW, is visited by a rapidly
increasing number of people --  a great many from activist outfits and
colleges and universities.  "A major treasure trove" is what one young
activist recently called it in a kind letter to us. We frequently get
follow-up questions from people on Native rights, radical labor, civil
rights -- and Idaho and North Dakota and other strange and mysterious

 I should add, also, that our Website is under
fairly constant high alert hacking attacks  [many based right here at
Pocatello] --  but  we have  very effective state-of-the-art firewall
protection on our computers.  So -- no sweat.


A]  Two brand-new Native American articles of mine   -- NATIVE AMERICANS AND
are at

[Each  of these articles of mine has its own special emphasis -- one is a
background discussion focused directly on the Native struggle and the other
is directed
specifically to non-Indian radicals interested in working with Native
people. [They're written for two different publications.]  Given this, of
course, some overlap is necessary and inevitable -- with particular
reference to my point-by-point listing of key Native issue/goals.]

B]  We've been  -- as Left radicals in Idaho -- under obviously official
and attack for over four years -- from an increasingly transparent
Federal/state/local task force operating "under" the so-called
Anti-Terrorist Act of 1996.  Here is our Link to an inclusive up-date of
those experiences which now, in the Fall of 2001, are obviously
increasing -- and which provide some indication of what may lie broadly
ahead nationally if the already  increasingly repressive  situation  in this
country becomes
drastically increased via the proposed Bush/Ashcroft "domestic security"
measures.  There is indeed more than a whiff of fascism these days!  Anyway,
our experiences  are at

C]  Our very, very strange and continuing experiences with the University of
North Dakota are updated and substantially expanded at
Look for many interesting developments in this situation!

I have expanded and polished several major, substantial discussion list
posts of mine -- with much personal material -- and placed them on our Site:

D]  Personal Reminiscence:  Jesse Helms, North Carolina, and Now

E]   Reflections on Flags and Patriotism -- and Basic Challenges of the Time

F]   Finns and Finnish-Americans, Wobblies and The Industrialisti,
Socialists, Tyomies Society and Tyomies-Eteenpain -- and the Mine-Mill union
and more

G]   Peter MacDonald and the Navajo [Dine'] Nation -- Over Many Epochs

And there is much more.

Here, too, is material on our own new discussion list group:  Come Over Red
Rover in the event anyone is interested.

This formally announces a new discussional arena -- Come Over Red Rover --
launched by me September 16th.  Located at Topica, it's open membership,
ecumenical, loosely moderated by me.  The List Info page is     If interested, you can
sub there or at the link at the bottom of this communication.

[I'll continue to be as active as ever on the major lists in which I'm
currently involved. This is not designed to compete with any existent List
of which I'm aware.]

Here are the basics on Come Over Red Rover:

A wide-open, free wheeling Left social justice discussion group committed to
eclectic analysis, creative formulation of activist strategies -- and
visionary projections into both the Here And Now and Over The Mountains
Yonder. Labor, civil rights, Native rights, civil liberties, peace -- and
much more indeed are in this mining, milling and smelting process.

Members should generally send no more than five posts per day [some flex
No racist, ethnocentric, sexist, homophobic or other anti-people material
permitted. This arena is not designed for excessive promotion of sectarian

Related website:

Red-subscribe at

(Just send an e-mail as is)

Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]   Micmac/St Francis Abenaki/St Regis Mohawk -- and

Hunter Gray

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