SEIU 1199 statement (fwd)

Erin Kaiser erin at
Wed Sep 26 16:38:13 MDT 2001

Local 1199 Opposes "Launching a war against any nation"

The President of Local 1199/SEIU, Dennis Rivera, with
the support of the union's Delegate Assembly,
announced the union's opposition to "launching a
war against any nation because of the actions of a
few", as well as the union's condemnation of terrorism and
demand that the perpetrators of terrorist acts
be brought to justice.

Local 1199 represents 220,000 members in the New York
metropolitan  area.  Local 1199 was the first labor union
to openly oppose the war in Vietnam. A  union primarily of health
care workers, many of its members worked to save lives
following the attack on the World Trade Center.

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