"New Yorkers not out for revenge"

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Wed Sep 26 20:42:07 MDT 2001


An anti-war movement is starting to build across the United States

Duncan Campbell
Wednesday September 26, 2001
The Guardian

[...]hundreds of people .. poured into the penthouse conference hall made
available by a local union one night last week.

It was a snapshot of New Yorkers: young, old, black, white, brown, Puerto
Rican, Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Jewish, Islamic, Catholic, scruffy,
smart, stroppy, witty, hip, self- confident, about half of them men, half
women. Depending on what happens now in what CNN calls "America's new war",
the gathering on this humid New York night, 33 floors above the hustlers of
Times Square, could have a small part in history.

This was the first major meeting of a growing anti-war movement in the
United States. There were young women from Sarah Lawrence College and burly
organisers from the Service Employees International Union who had lost
colleagues in the attack - some 29 members in all. There was the organised
left and the disorganised left and many who had lost friends or colleagues
and were disturbed by the rhetoric calling for violent retribution. [...]

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