For some Marxists who have odd notions about what a worker is.

Erin Kaiser erin at
Thu Sep 27 00:59:44 MDT 2001

I'm new to this list and I'm not clear on exactly how discussion usually
work here, but my heart is pounding with anger and my eyes are welling with
tears. As one of a lucky few individuals who was evacuated from the subway
at the World Trade Centre station (Chambers St on the A/C line) coming into
work from Brooklyn, moments before the first tower fell, and who is alive
today to listen to some crazy crazy guy in Edmonton assert (aloud no less!)
that our dead were not "innocent" (essentially suggesting that the 7,000
people who died deserved their deaths), I feel a certain duty to speak.

One of my closest friends is a political director at SEIU 32B-J where they
lost hundreds of members. Another close friend of mine lost 7 childhood
friends who were firemen. A neighbour of mine has a sister who worked
washing dishes at Windows on the World.

I can't describe to you what it's like to watch hundreds of people die
violent, horrible deaths. I hope you never know what it's like to truly run
for your life. I hope you never watch anyone die from smoke inhalation. I
hope you never have to watch groups of people struggle for pen and paper,
trapped in a building, and write their last notes to their partners,
children, parents, and friends. I hope you never see people fall from the
sky like confetti. No one -and I mean NO ONE- deserves this sort of death.

Since you are from Alberta I guess you haven't been to St. Vincent's (or
anywhere else in NYC) lately and seen the thousands "Missing" posters, and
the descriptions of those lost. There are corporate executives there, yes,
and there are many MANY others. I was shocked to see just how many people of
colour were amongst the dead, it's the easy majority.

You wake up in Alberta in the morning and you smell clean, crisp prairie
air, I grew up in Calgary I remember the smell well. I wake up in the
morning in New York and I smell the scent of the dead and of a city that is
still burning. So maybe it's a sensory thing.

Your "analysis" which asks us to stop considering the 7,000+ victims as
"innocent" is so completely insane that I almost have to wonder if everyone
else on this list just knows you enough to "ignore whatever that loon says".

We are trying to build a movement right now in which we can effectively
fight against a senselss war that will cost many more innocent lives in

When people fail to recognize that the deaths of Iraqi children due to US
sanctions (to give an example) are the deaths of innocents they are wrong.
When we, as critics of that wrong, fail to recognize that the deaths of
janitors, clerks, CEOs, firefighters, dishwashers, accountants, security
guards, pilots, and other workers and civilians from the 9/11 attacks are
the deaths of innocents then we are providing the United States government
and the corporate media all the ammunition it will ever need to paint the
left with the same brush as the terrorists. Besides, Marxists of all people
must understand that on-going struggles for econmic and social equality and
self-determination in the Middle East have been dramatically set back since
the 11th.

I hope your post isn't indicitative what you're saying to CBC reporters, and
is merely the sort of thing that you reserve for
I-have-a-bigger-Marxist-dick wars on email lists.

Erin Kaiser

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