For some Marxists who have odd notions about what a worker is.

Mark Lause lause at
Thu Sep 27 07:27:07 MDT 2001

People sometimes say very stupid things on email, then feel obligated to
defend them later, even though it'd be more honest and honorable just to
say, "Sorry, I was being a butthead."  If people feel wedded to whatever
they might have said, the rest of the list can either engage in
pointless flaming or just ignore it.

The vast majority of those victims in NYC and elsewhere were workers.
People who continually assert otherwise are not being rational.  Don't
assume that just because they're not getting flamed, that there is the
least iota of sympathy for what is, at best, utter silliness.

Those were our class brothers and sisters slaughtered by warped human
beings, agents of a warped social system.

Mark Lause
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