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Thu Sep 27 13:07:39 MDT 2001

Joel wrote:

lack of compassion, even if the person claims to be scientifically
analyzing a situation, is one main reason why the LEft (or at least
certain sections of it) has been consigned to talking to itself and
criticizing less pure "marxists" for their "liberalisms." Because so
many people are not as "class conscious" as they ought to be, is not a
result of their own inadequacies, but of the Left and its sectarian and

"revolutionist" shortcomings. Unfortunately for "purists" being a real
vanguard requires as Brecht says going down to the masses even if you
don't like what you find there. Or as Lenin suggests understanding that

a single conception of history will cause a vanguard party/class/or
section of a class to likely miss the "many-sided" or subtle, or lively,

or varied contents of consciousness, struggle, and positions possible in

a progressive and/or revolutionary struggle.

Response Jim C: I accidently read this as I routinely refuse to read or
respond to anything Joan Cameron has to say; she has nothing of value for me
to read or respond to. Frankly, she should be on some Ayn Rand list as she
appears to be the reincarnation of Ayn Rand: a bitter, angry, toxic,
know-it-all, ruthlessly selfish and ultra-individualistic, pompous and
bigoted shrew with an empty life who obviously can only find some joy trying
to make others as miserable as she apparently is.

But this question being raised is an important one. Marxists and Marxism
will go nowhere by being a carbon-copy of the enemy. My mother used to call
some so-called "leftists" as "The ones who 'love' humanity [in general or as
an abstraction] but are hateful to people [in the particular]." Or where
Ghandi-Ji noted that we should "become the change we seek", he could have
added "rather than becoming that which we seek to change." One thing about
Marxists, the real ones, is unlike the bourgeoisie who profess "respect for
life" and yet slaughter millions in the name of profit, Marxists do in
practice value life and reserve the death penalty for very few cases--other
potential enemies are to be reeducated if possible and/or neutralized to the
extent necessary to prevent their working for the return of the old order
(taking out old weeds in/to construct the new garden). But there are some
self-declared/annointed Marxists who more resemble the Taliban or Jerry
Falwell types with all the dogmatism, bigotry, know-it-all-ness and are just
plain mean and mentally/emotionally fucked-up and who do more for the
enemies of Marxism than the CIA and other tools of the bourgeoisie could
ever do.

Jim Craven
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