Out of the mouths of babes and villains

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu Sep 27 17:00:03 MDT 2001

This whole historical period is crying out for someone to say the emperor's
new clothes are a sham.  Bush has to be some kind of android.  Really - no
one could naturally evolve like that. Surely?

Last night on TV we had an interview with Armitage.  I am beginnign get to
know this administration in a way that I have never studied any
administration before.  Armitage we were told is an ex-SEAL.  I think we
were supposed to wet our pants at that.  Anyway he did look like something
out of a late Steven Seagall movie.

He is supposed to be on Powell's side and anti-Rumsfeld and
Wolfovitz.  Translated that means he is only for killing hundreds of
thousands as opposed to bloody genocide.

He went through the usual lies and distortions and crazy nonsense that
American rulers generally honestly believe in.  H3e did though make one
interesting slip up.  He was going on about how America was not anti-Islam
and he said "Why before this we were the largest supplier of guns to
Afghanistan".  He grinned and corrected himself and said I mean "food-
supplier of food".

The interview who seemed overwhelmed to be talking to a real SEAL let him
away with this.  The Right have been getting away with everything lately.



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