War on Iraq routinely continues

Lou Paulsen wwchi at enteract.com
Fri Sep 28 05:31:57 MDT 2001


British and U.S. jets on Thursday again attacked Iraqi "anti-aircraft
artillery and command and control vehicles," [...]

Iraq said that aircraft had hit "service and military installations" in the
Bhiqar and Basra areas in southern Iraq. A military spokesman said one
civilian was wounded in the strike.

The U.S. announcement goes on to say the sorties were "self-defense
measures" and " not related to the president's campaign against terrorism."

["The president's campaign"???  Odd language.   What happened to the
"international war"?]

The last strike by U.S. fighters was nearly a week ago.

[Nearly a week!  They let five or six days go by without an air strike on
Iraq?? They must be busy with other things.  I didn't notice the last one
either.   While the "New War" gets all the press, the old war just goes on
and on and on and on.....    lp]

Lou Paulsen

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