White Supremacists Support WTC Attack

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Sat Sep 29 03:30:44 MDT 2001

Many American Right-Wing Racial Extremists Applaud Sept. 11 Attacks

By JIM NESBITT c.2001 Newhouse News Service 

With the towers of the World Trade Center fatally damaged but still 
standing, a leader in one of the many splinter groups of the Far Right 
fringe of American politics posted a Web site message praising the "Islamic 
freedom fighters" and hoping the terrorist attacks were the first shots in a 
racial holy war that would topple the U.S. government.

"May the WAR be started," wrote August Kreis, webmaster of the neo-Nazi 
Sheriff's Posse Comitatus group, based in Ulysses, Pa. "DEATH to His (God's) 
enemies, may the World Trade Center BURN TO THE GROUND! ... We can blame no 
others than ourselves for our problems due to the fact that we allow ... 
Satan's children, called jews today, to have dominion over our lives."

While many Americans are swept up in the patriotic fervor that has followed 
the Sept. 11 jetliner assaults on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, 
the loose and fractious network of neo-Nazis, skinheads, Klansmen, Christian 
patriots, neo-Confederates and white separatists have had a far different 
reaction. In newsgroup postings, Web site articles and Internet radio 
broadcasts,they have expressed everything from outright admiration for the 
Arab terrorists to more measured communiques. The latter condemn the 
terrorists, but blame the attacks on an American foreign policy that 
unabashedly backs Israel, calling for an "America First" shift toward 

The most hardcore response comes from groups that see themselves at war with 
the U.S. government, which they have dubbed the Zionist Occupation 
Government, or ZOG. Despite their racial and religious beliefs, they express 
solidarity with anyone who attacks what they see as the common enemy.

It is a sign of a pronounced generational shift of beliefs in the radical 
American Right and increased willingness to monitor international events to 
find philosophical allies in groups that an earlier wave of racists 
dismissed as "mud people."

War against ZOG -- the U.S. government -- is the ultimate target of 
America's racial revolutionaries and overrides all other considerations. ZOG 
is a tagline from "The Turner Diaries," a novel of racist revolution by 
neo-Nazi National Alliance leader William Pierce that has become a guidebook 
for many racists and anti-government zealots, including executed Oklahoma 
City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

In a bulletin board message documented by KlanWatch, the investigative arm 
of the civil rights watchdog group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, 
National Alliance deputy Billy Roper wrote: "The enemy of our enemy is, for 
now at least, our friends. We may not want them marrying our daughter, just 
as they would not want us marrying theirs. We may not want them in our 
societies, just as they would not want us in theirs. But anyone who is 
willing to drive a plane into a building to kill jews is alright by me. I 
wish our members had half as much testicular fortitude."

On his daily Web site bulletin board, White Aryan Resistance (WAR) leader 
Tom Metzger wrote: "This operation took some long-term planning, and, 
throughout the entire time, these soldiers were aware that their lives would 
be sacrificed for their cause. If an Aryan wants an example of `Victory or 
Valhalla,' look no further."

More at: http://www.newhousenews.com/archive/story1a092601.html

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