Hitchens and the Left

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 29 16:28:39 MDT 2001

Andrew Austin:
>The stealth heroicizing of terrorists by many on the current left is
>reminiscent of the heroicizing of the street criminal by the New Left in the
>early 1970s. It was inexcusable then, and it is inexcusable today.

This is an irresponsible accusation. Nobody on this list has "heroicized"
the terrorists. There have been countless denunciations from a classical
Marxist perspective about the dead-end of terrorism. In terms of
explanation, nearly everything written here is in the framework of "blowback".

>To be sure, the right is stupid (though malevolent) for translating any
>explanation of terrorism as justification for terrorism. But is even more
>stupid for leftists to effectively justify terrorism with half-assed theory.
>It is amazing and frightening that much of the left "critique" parallels
>that of the North American white supremacy cells (go check out their web

More baseless accusations.

>We don't have much, comrades. Is the plan now to destroy our credibility?

We need historical and social background on Islamic fundamentalism, etc. If
something comes your way, please inform us. As a full-time sociology
professor, you'd seem to have the academic credentials to identify such
material. Making inflammatory accusations against fellow socialists is a
waste of your time and ours.

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