The nature of the new war

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The Sun rises on the East. On Marxmail, too!

Henry Liu has hit the nail, I think. His declaration implies a whole program of 
action, and as seen from here it is the most sensible one that can be conceived 

Peoples who opress other peoples can NOT be free. Not even the American people. 
I believe that this line might prove fruitful for cdes. in the North, if not 
immediately, in the long run. The comparison with Algeria (to which Henry has 
added the Irish issue and, yes, the Zionist issue against Britain) is apt, and 
has been raised on this list before.

If the American bourgeoisie wants to cope with the terrorist menace, it must 
build up an anti-terrorist state. Every anti-terrorist state is premised on the 
idea that "the enemy is within the country" (the Latin American dictatorships 
operated under this basic idea), so that not a few cannons must be pointed 
INWARDS if you want to have a victorious war overseas. 

The logics of this are as simple as "if you want your country to remain as free 
as it was before Sept. 11, then stop the aggressive adventures of your country 
abroad". It is sound and strong logics, methinks.

En relación a The nature of the new war, 
el 29 Sep 01, a las 17:20, Henry C.K. Liu dijo:

> The geo-political ecnomy of the world changed fundamentally on 9:11
> 2001.  Central Asia, a region dormant all through the Cold War emerged
> as a tinder box as complex and dangerous as the Mid East and the
> Balkans...

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