The nature of the new war

Mark Lause lause at
Sat Sep 29 17:10:52 MDT 2001

Gorojovsky wrote:

> Peoples who opress other peoples can NOT be free. Not even the American people.
> I believe that this line might prove fruitful for cdes. in the North, if not
> immediately, in the long run.

American radicals have been telling the American people that they're really not
free as long as there have been radicals and Americans.  Parts of the population
listen with more or less intensity, but only insofar as it jibes with their
experiences.  Most who haven't confronted the reality yet respond with denial.

> The logics of this are as simple as "if you want your country to remain as free
> as it was before Sept. 11, then stop the aggressive adventures of your country
> abroad". It is sound and strong logics, methinks.

Indeed, this is what I've been arguing, and I think it is beginning to sink in.

This insight, too, is very old.  It goes back to the bourgeois revolution in the US
and its hostility to unchecked and unaccountable power.


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