Pathfinder Question

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Sat Sep 29 17:09:59 MDT 2001

 I just bought a Pathfinder book from 1980 which lists everything by Trotsky
then in print in the US. At the bottom of the list there's a notice that
Pathfinder will be releasing a book of Trotsky's WWI news correspondence as
a followup to their volume on his reportage of the Balkan Wars. I don't
remember seeing any book  Trotsky's WWI writings in print. Does anyone know
whether this volume was ever released and if it wasn't, what happened to it.

I've also been told that there will be no more volumes on the "Communist
International in Lenin's Time" series. Were there no Comintern Congresses
between 1920 and Lenin's death?! Anyone know why this series has been

I'd rather see more Trotsky and Comintern material in print than more
writings by Barnes and Waters.


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