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> I just bought a Pathfinder book from 1980 which lists everything by Trotsky
> then in print in the US. At the bottom of the list there's a notice that
> Pathfinder will be releasing a book of Trotsky's WWI news correspondence as
> a followup to their volume on his reportage of the Balkan Wars. I don't
> remember seeing any book  Trotsky's WWI writings in print. Does anyone know
> whether this volume was ever released and if it wasn't, what happened to it.

I haven't seen a thing about this volume since they announced it. I doubt
it's coming out...and they are probably sitting on the documents...

> I've also been told that there will be no more volumes on the "Communist
> International in Lenin's Time" series. Were there no Comintern Congresses
> between 1920 and Lenin's death?! Anyone know why this series has been
> terminated?

This is a surprise...I found these books quite useful...and I the only
reason I can't see them coming out with more of them is because...of the
your latter comment...they'd have to sacrifice Barnes writings for Trotsky's
and Lenin's and THAT's not about to happen.

> I'd rather see more Trotsky and Comintern material in print than more
> writings by Barnes and Waters.
> Andy

David Walters,

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