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On 9/29/01 9:54 PM, Dave Walters wrote:

>> I've also been told that there will be no more volumes on the "Communist
>> International in Lenin's Time" series. Were there no Comintern Congresses
>> between 1920 and Lenin's death?! Anyone know why this series has been
>> terminated?
> This is a surprise...I found these books quite useful...and I the only
> reason I can't see them coming out with more of them is because...of the
> your latter comment...they'd have to sacrifice Barnes writings for Trotsky's
> and Lenin's and THAT's not about to happen.

Well, just to show you the level of CL/SWP members these days the Pathfinder
Bookstore organiser who I spoke to insisted that not only were there to be
no further volumes in the series but the series was actually "complete" in
that there were no further congresses of the Comintern in Lenin's time. "But
the series only goes up to 1920 and Lenin died in 1924" said I.

I talked to John Riddell, the editor of the series, several years ago and he
said there were more volumes planned but they were taking a "break" for
awhile. Don't know if Riddell is still in the CL. He was leader of the
Canadian section until he was sent down to New York to work on the Comintern
series. He was back in Canada a few years ago and I spoke to him after a CL
forum but I haven't heard anything about him since... don't think he's even
on the Political Committee anymore.

Perhaps the impetus for the series declined with the loss of interest by
academia in "Soviet Studies" after the fall of the Soviet Union? Pathfinder
should, of course, be driven by political considerations but perhaps the
fact that volumes of the series was on the "must buy" list of most
university libraries provided something of a financial incentive for
Pathfinder which is no longer there.

Anyway, if anyone out there is interested in translating and publishing the
remaining documents they are available on microfiche, at least up to 1922,
at the IISH archives in Holland (see ) and in Moscow. (Anyone
know of a repository in North America?)


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