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>Subject: Pathfinder Question
> I just bought a Pathfinder book from 1980 which lists everything by Trotsky
>then in print in the US. At the bottom of the list there's a notice that
>Pathfinder will be releasing a book of Trotsky's WWI news correspondence as
>a followup to their volume on his reportage of the Balkan Wars. I don't
>remember seeing any book Trotsky's WWI writings in print. Does anyone know
>whether this volume was ever released and if it wasn't, what happened to it.
>I've also been told that there will be no more volumes on the "Communist
>International in Lenin's Time" series. Were there no Comintern Congresses
>between 1920 and Lenin's death?! Anyone know why this series has been
>I'd rather see more Trotsky and Comintern material in print than more
>writings by Barnes and Waters.

The WWI book was never published. I hadn't heard that the Comintern
series was discontinued, but this is not surprising. Since the last
book in this series was published, in about 1992, the SWP has shrunk
by 50 percent, and the Pathfinder publishing program has scaled back
somewhat proportionately. It's also possible that some members of
Pathfinder's staff who could translate documents from German, Russian
and so on are among the hordes who have resigned or been expelled; I
know that two editors who were fluent in German left in the
mid-1990s. It's depressing to pick up an old pamphlet or book from the
1970s and see the back-page ads for all the new literature that
Pathfinder was publishing at that time.

>From my experience, the poor working habits of Pathfinder's chief
editors (led by the leader of the party, Jack Barnes) contributes
greatly to the inability of Pathfinder to produce certain books that
have been in the works for some time. Any introduction to a new book
is subject to the latest revelations of Barnes, which means that it
must be rewritten several times. As for your entirely understandable
lament, "I'd rather see more Trotsky etc. than more writings by Barnes
and Waters," I'm afraid you're out of luck.


John Cox

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