Andrew Austin, Hitchens and the Left

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> Marxism List,
> Phil Ferguson moves the discussion forward by talking about the
> character of those associated with networks like al Qaeda and oppressors
> like the Taliban. These are thoroughly reactionary and anti-democratic
> countermovements. Terrorists like Osama bin Laden do not hate the
> democracies of the West or the indigenous democratic movement in
> because they oppose capitalism--the indigenous democratic movement in
> Afghanistan in the late 1970s did not represent a capitalist tendency!
> Taliban represents an atavistic, patriarchal countermovement to thwart
> advance of gender equality, democratic practice, and an open society.

Nobody argued the contrary.. your comment is really a bizarre way of
teaching Marxists a democracy. is it beceuse of your belief in democracy
that you are defending Hitchens?? Do you believe that the presumed US
attack will bring "justice, democratic practice, gender equality and open
society to Afghanistan"? Why should the US be interested in liberating
Afghan people except for its national interests?

> For the Taliban and bin Laden, just as it was for the Nazis, and just as
> is today for North American white supremacist cells, liberalism and
> democracy are decadent forces destroying a perceived traditional way of
> life,

Your obsession with racial theories does not apply here. Please, don't give
us a lecture on why racists are opposed to liberalism as if racism and
liberalism are radically contradictory terms. If you are so much concerned
with racism, concern yourself with the racial profiling of Arab-American
citizens by the North American white supremacists (and liberals). Does your
Hitchens say anthing about the rising racial tensions within the
ultra-reactionary US society at the moment?

I don't think that Andy Austin has a right to exist on this list. He should
either back off or stop being apologetic of US war propaganda, imperialism
and racism.

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