Andrew Austin, Hitchens and the Left

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Sun Sep 30 13:50:43 MDT 2001

>> I imagine that pressure to become tenure explains this. <<

Yes, and let's not forget that Chris Hitchens writes for Vanity Fair, a
glossy mag whose glossy articles on celebrities can scarcely be
distinguished from the glossy ads for clothes and perfume.

Hitchens provides the "think" pieces that soothe the consciences of the
magazines buyers. You know the line, "I buy Playboy for the articles." What
with "Politically Correct's" TV host Bill Maher losing sponsors simply
because he said the WTC attackers were not cowards, what might happen to
Chris, if he is too closely identified with Noam Chomsky and his ilk? How
many ad pages would be lost if he got fingered? How many pages lost would
equal his salary? Not too many I wager.

It is perfectly OK to go after a Henry Kissinger, whose crimes were
committed far beyond the memory of most Vanity Fair readers. And Kissinger
is too old to be hip and photogenic. He's not dating Jill St. John anymore.

But when VF starts laying out front pages that incorporate celebities and
flag-waving, poor Chris must choose. Jobs too good to lose create right
wing social democrats.

Jon Flanders
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