"The thug got beat up"

Lou Paulsen wwchi at enteract.com
Sun Sep 30 16:07:56 MDT 2001

"[C]ritics of U.S. foreign policy are pushing for a ... sweeping debate on
America's actions abroad.  The critics, at home and elsewhere, are mostly
keeping their heads down ... But they say the United States must not ignore
the unsettling way many people around the world reacted - from outbreaks of
glee in some Arab lands to a kind of grim satisfaction even in nations that
America considers its strongest allies.

"'The thug got beat up', Slava Mironenko, a Moscow metalworker, said in a
comment not atypical in Russian and many other countries.  More than a fifth
of respondents in a recent Russion opinion poll expressed satisfaction over
the attacks, lining up behind the statement: 'The United States had gotten
the punishment it deserved.'

"If bin Laden's views are easy to dismiss, how about those of the Mironenkos
of the world?"

Colin McMahon, Moscow correspondent for the Chicago Tribune


(By the way, this is posted for information, not to argue that those 5 words
of Mironenko (there may have been more not quoted here, or course)
adequately represent a socialist analysis of the attacks.)

Lou Paulsen


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