The working-class and the war

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> [Posted to World Systems Network mailing list by Alan Spector, a 
> sociologist who knows who the real enemy is.]


> Because of a lack of understanding of imperialism and because of the 
> general news censorship, the working class generally actively, or passively
> supported U.S. imperialism many times


>  The current crisis has been brought on by something 
> much, much, much more intense than any of those incidents. Not only have 
> "foreigners" struck against the U.S. on U.S. soil, but there were civilian
> deaths. [...] --- actually about 6,000 dead, including many
> working class people. Six thousand killed on U.S. soil, and watched again and
> again by hundreds of millions on television, night after night.
> Yet in spite of that, there is NOT the kind of one-sided massive, 
> irrational call for war among the working class. [...] the support is not as
> deep as you might believe, including among the working class.
> How do I know this?  I live in a blue collar, working class city near 
> Chicago. 

[An interesting analysis follows with many interesting facts added]

One can only hope that Alan Spector is right and that his is an actual cross-
section of the American society. I have always argued that one of the problems 
of the American bourgeoisie is that, differently to what is regular in Western 
Europe, there is no sense of "Imperial pride" in the general cast of American 
ideology. These facts of consciousness, which are deeply rooted in the history 
of the USA, may become a great problem in a few year's time. A problem, for 
_them_, of course, not for us.

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