Sept 29 and after

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el 30 Sep 01, a las 11:03, Lou Paulsen dijo:

> - However, there IS this recession going on.  The obvious fact is that if we are
> going to pay for a war - "we" here means the working class who always pay for
> every war - we are going to have less for our own protection against
> unemployment, poverty, and homelessness.  And the converse is also true.

Not that I disagree. But the "we" includes not only the working class, but also 
the whole bunch of dispossessed of the Third World. There is a joke already 
running along Buenos Aires: "How much are you saving to pay for the 
reconstruction of the NYC towers?". And, maybe wrongly, I have a hunch that 
while at least the working class at the core will have the "benefits" of war 
Keynesianism, the Third World will only have still more death in economicese 

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