Talking with, or at, or to, or about the oppressed of the Middle East

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Sun Sep 30 19:18:59 MDT 2001

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>You seem to want mostly "to make the record" with the most rrrevolutionary
>manifesto of all the left groups. Fine. Do it.

I am happy with my party's existing "manifestos".  As for 'rhetoric' and
reaching the workers, I agree with my self of a few hours ago, in the post
entitled "Re: IG Statement", that

"We should not change WHAT we say to the
masses, but it is necessary to work long hours on our leaflets and
statements to craft HOW we say it to them."

You apparently have some idea in your mind of what I think should be
written, but I suspect that it isn't much like what I would actually write.

Lou Paulsen

Lou Paulsen
member, Workers World Party, Chicago

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