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<< I would rather be misinterpreted as a defender of terrorism,
 than as a defender of imperialism.   >>

Hell of a choice.  Why not be attacked  for telling the TRUTH: that the US
leadership created Islamist terrorism and has used it from Afghanistan to
Bosnia to Kosovo to Chechnya to Macedonia to Egypt to Algeria both to destroy
progressive (left and nationalist) Muslim formations and also to destabilize
target countries and also to justify geostrategic moves, such as the present
positioning in Central Asia?  Bush will NOT destroy Islamism in Afghanistan;
that's a joke. He (or rather others, with brains, that do the work) will
reorganize it.  That is already happening because the very forces that
created the Islamists in the first place are being utilized again (including
a key Afghan fascist architect of Islamism  who has been called back into
Bush's inner circle - I've misplaced but will get the name.)

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