The nature of the new war

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 If the American bourgeoisie wants to cope with the terrorist menace, it must
 build up an anti-terrorist state. >>

Not true, Nestor.  There is no terrorist menace.  There is a worldwide
terrorist apparatus - of theirs.  It's their invention.  They sometimes use
it to attack U.S. citizens - but NOT to attack "bourgeoisie".  Therefore THEY
(the "bourgeoisie") do not NEED an anti-terrorist apparatus in the U.S.,
though they may (for political purposes) create a phony one.

Henry's statement that NOW terror is coming to American shores is mistaken.
The mistake reveals an error of perspective.  9-11 is in fact just another
example of the U.S. elite attacking "its own" people.  They have been using
terror against people in this country for 300 years.  Ask the Indians. (Oops
- can't.  They're dead.) Ask the army of people being murdered daily by
Managed Care. Ask the million and a half young black men jailed for being
black. And on and on. They have slaughtered "their own" soldiers/sailors for
political affect many times.

The view, apparently being put forward by most of the ""Left"" that the
"chickens are now coming home to roost" in fact accepts as true the  claim
which is increasingly absurd that 9-11 was the work of "enemies of the U.S.,"
etc. That U.S. policies produced a violent reaction by the oppressed.

Ahh, the oppressed: middle aged guys in the Pink Lady strip joint, stuffing
dollar bills down the dancers' panties while shouting anti-U.S. slogans as in
"Oh, wait a minute honey - I gotta go pray to Allah cause I HATE AMERICA. So
don't go away, I got LOTS MORE TERRORIST BUCKS!"  Right. Meanwhile the ISI is
gonna be a key player in the anti-terrorist struggle.

Saying this was "understandably done by oppressed people and if the American
people want to be safe they better stop their government's bad foreign
policies" is the worst possible thing one can say.  You will NEVER organize
people based on threats - moreover false ones.  .

Such a line, which of course will spur an ultranationalist response, would
give the forces of war exactly what they want. An ordinary person, hearing
that "these acts by the oppressed bring the war to American shores" would not
change his or her mind about US policies; but rather would think, "So!  Bush
is right!  I guess we do have to bomb them!"  With '"them" sufficiently vague
to give US leaders a free hand for the geostrategic assault they have planned
behind the smokescreen of their phony assault on (their) terrorists.

The key job is to expose the monstrous nature of US leaders because they
created the forces - and almost surely directed them - who did this.

BTW, post 9-11 the head of the air force was just made head of the Joints
Chief of Staff. This after the worst failure of the US Air Force in its
history. At his hearing, he was asked if he knew whether there had been
communication about what to do about the plane heading towards the Pentagon.
He casually responded, "I don't know."  Nobody questioned him.  Instead he
was thanked and confirmed. Something wrong with that picture?  Maybe he's a
secret agent of the "oppressed" in their struggle...

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