"The Movement under pressure and danger from Ultra More Radical than thou..."

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This is all very weird, and if people want an insight into what happens when
anarchists start arguing among themselves, the whole discussion that follows
the thread is also very weird:

(Note: when I tried to read this with Netscape 4.51 I got a black screen.
Netscape 6 works.)

So far as I can see this is an argument between ultraleft anarchists on the
one hand, and on the other hand anarchists whose lack of theory has caused
them to get swept completely away into the anti-anti-war camp, sort of like
anarchist Hitchenses!!

Meanwhile all the worst aspects of the "anti-authoritarianism" of the
anarchist movement come to the fore, as people insult each other for wanting
to engage in political struggle at all.  One guy writes that this is why he
wants to live on an autonomous collective and not worry about things around
the world.

I suppose some people will take this as evidence that the anarchists were
always a completely negative element and that everything bad that was
written about them after Genoa was true.  I don't believe that, but I also
don't think I was ever blind to the fact that the inexperience and
theoretical muddiness of this stratum posed problems.  Unfortunately a war
crisis is exactly the sort of stress that exposes these weaknesses.

Lou Paulsen

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