Israeli leaders call for "crushing" the PA

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Mon Apr 1 06:33:37 MST 2002

(The latest intensification is not aimed at anything resembling
"self-defense," but is a stage in a well-calculated plan to complete
the process of crushing and expelling the Palestinians--whose
principal crime, as Edward Said has pointed out, is to "be in the way"
of completion of the long-held dreams of a major section of the
Israeli political and military leadership.)


Sharon threatens to expel Arafat from the Palestinian territories
Palestine-Israel, Politics, 3/29/2002
The Israeli radio said that the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon
informed the American administration on the possibility of expelling
the chairman of the Palestinian Authority from the Palestinians areas,
and that Washington asked Sharon not to take such a step, because it
will result in the escalation of violence and fail the mission of the
US envoy Anthony Zinni.

Israeli military sources said that the Israeli army is preparing a
large scale military operation against the Palestinians which it
undertook today and expected Zinni's mission to fail.

A spokesman for Sharon said that the chance given by Israel to Zinni's
mission has expired and that the Israeli government will decide
whether it is time for a move.  Meantime, the Israeli minister of the
interior Ozi Landoa called for crushing the Palestinian Authority. He
described the Oslo agreement is a mistake that should be gotten rid
off for ever because it tightens the hands of Israel, as he claimed.

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