Gene Autry

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Apr 1 09:50:54 MST 2002

>   I enjoyed that piece on the strange juxtaposition of Hopalong Cassidy
and Arnold Schoenberg.  A few
>years ago I came upon the words and music to the song "The Death of Mother
Jones"  I was astonished to
>see that the song had been recorded, and released, by Gene Autry in 1931.
(I later heard the recording
>on Utah Phillips' radio show).   Perhaps it is not quite so strange as I
thought - though still pretty
>daring at least.         cheers,   Steve Harvey

>From Paul Buhle:

check out the Autry films mentioned in RED H. There are a couple real good
ones. Gene also recorded BUDDY CAN YOU SPARE A DIME, I'm almost sure...

Louis Proyect
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