Fw: Can you believe this?

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at walrus.com
Mon Apr 1 17:50:25 MST 2002

Maybe, maybe not, but I have to say I wonder why the US flag is flying in the


> Looks like a prank aimed at embarassing the government - i.e. no gov
> logo, provocative language the govt would never use, etc.
> Brian
> [pic posted to http://www.marxmail.org/sun_peak1.gif ]
> > Les: Can you post this on the Marxmail site for the list?
> - --
> > In Sun Peaks there have been roadblocks and more as the Native Youth
> > Movement (among others) have been taking a stand against the building
> > of a ski resort on their territory...
> > Here is the response from the Campbell government.
> > Macdonaldd

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