New US paper aims at Afghan war truth

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Can someone please tell me where I can order this? In Vancouver, we have a
tri-weekly that produces some 10 000 copies, but this seems wonderful!

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  New US paper aims at Afghan war truth Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles

  [Friday March 29 2002]  The Guardian
  A newspaper aimed at providing news of the war in Afghanistan is to be
launched this month. Its editors argue that the mainstream media in the US are
not providing a full picture of the war and its effects.

  War Times, produced in San Francisco, will make its first bi-weekly appearance
on April 12. It will be published in English and Spanish and will be distributed
throughout the US.
  Its editors say it is a response to a demand for more information about what
is happening in Afghanistan and the possibility of conflict elsewhere.

  The venture is supported by a number of academics, including Noam Chomsky,
labour organisations and anti-war groups.
  Its managing editor, Bob Wing, said the response to the idea had been
extraordinary. "We originally planned to print only 7,500 copies of the pilot,"
he said, "but the demand was so great that we printed and distributed 100,000."

  He said the aim was to bring more information about the war into the public
debate and "to report hidden truths, to put a human face on events, and explore
the real interests behind the 'permanent war'."
  The pilot issue carried an interview with the actor Danny Glover, who said:
"Bombing Afghanistan and creating the idea that the US is the judge, the jury
and the executioner is the wrong way to respond."

  "It's hard because of the anger, the pain and the humiliation we feel about
September 11. But we have to understand that other people have faced the same
kind of pain, the same kind of anger.
   "Their lives have been transformed by acts of terrorism and violence, often
supported or perpetrated by the US."


  Copyright [UK] Guardian Newspapers Limited

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