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Brian James bajames at uniserve.com
Mon Apr 1 20:07:29 MST 2002

By provocative language I mean "No Indians Allowed Beyond This Point."
The Govt of BC even under the Campbell reactionaries is far too PC in
its PR to use such crude and overtly discriminatory language. "...By
order of the Govt of BC"??? -- since when do they issue proclamations in
the name of the whole government? In BC it's called the Ministry for
Community, Aboriginal, and Womens Services. ...Impeccably PC.

Do you have a source for the photo?


> Actually, is that not the proper legal term?
> "Department of Indian Affairs", for example?

> Macdonald

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> > Looks like a prank aimed at embarassing the government - i.e. no gov
> > logo, provocative language the govt would never use, etc.
> >
> >Brian*

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