Reporting the "Middle East" in Australia

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Tue Apr 2 05:35:40 MST 2002

I was struck forcibly by the contrast between how the BBC is reporting the
conflict and how Oz media is handling it.

Our journalists are simply more stupid and ill informed than the British.
that of course is not an endorsement of British main stream journalism.

The second factor is that our news seems to be moving closer and closer to
the American model. It gets harder and harder to watch what is increasingly
blatant propaganda for American imperialism.

The contrast between the bland rubbish about both sides being to blame that
is talked over the pictures and the actual pictures themselves is hard to bear.

Indymedia is being magnificent but truly it is hard to bear the news of the
suffering that is being inflicted on the Palestinian people.



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